Rolling Thunder®
Chapter 2 New York

Rolling Thunder®, Inc. Is Not a Motorcycle Club


All Members of this organization must be willing to help fight the prisoner of war missing in action issue, which still exists. To help protect future veterans from becoming POW-MIA's and to help veterans in need from all wars


Every member must abide by the constitution and by-laws of Rolling Thunder® Chapter 2 NY.


Members must meet the minimum requirements to keep their membership in good standing


Dues are due in February of each year or when initially joining.


Membership applications can be picked up in person at our monthly membership meetings. We do not mail out membership applications.


Rolling Thunder®. Inc. relies on volunteers to donate their time to keep it going. If you cannot volunteer your time and attend meetings, please do not sign up for membership in our organization.


We thank you for considering membership, but if you cannot donate your time to our issues, we cannot accept you as a member. However, you may attend meetings and events as a non-member.

Our Public Relations / Communications Liaison can be contacted via email at: